Architectury Plugin

Architectury Plugin is a Gradle plugin to allow easier multi-modloader set-ups using a common module.

Things to know

Same Limitations as Architectury Loom Read Me for things to know on using Architectury Loom.

Unstable + Issues

Architectury Plugin is an experimental project, issues may arise, make sure you report them to the issue tracker.

Gradle Version Support

Architectury Plugin supports Gradle 5.5.1 and up, with support for future versions of Gradle.

Things that are transformed

@Environment and EnvType are remapped to @OnlyIn and Dist. @ExpectPlatform will be transformed to their platform-specific implementations (Read More) A fake forge mod will be generated for dev testing to make forge treat the common module as a mod Classes annotated with @ForgeEvent or @ForgeEventCancellable will extend forge's Event class on forge.

Access Transformer / Access Widener

You can have an identical AT and AW for the common module, the fabric module and the forge module, or translate between ATs and AWs, or use mixin @Invoker and @Accessor.

Do not use vanilla Registry class for registering

Forge disallows registering to the vanilla Registry class, you must defer your registrations to the RegistryEvent.Add.

Additionally, Architectury API provides an abstraction for ForgeRegistries and vanilla's Registry for registering content.