Compile Only Mode

Since Architectury Runtime Transformer poses issues with Hotswapping (still getting worked on) and must require run configurations to go through Gradle (for the better), optionally, you can get rid of it entirely.


Compile Only mode will not apply any Architectury Injectables during runtime (ArchitecturyTarget / @PlatformOnly / @Environment / EnvType remapping are not available). Additionally, @ExpectPlatform will not be applied.


First, apply the compileOnly mode in the root build.gradle in the allprojects block. It is very important that you apply this to all projects.

allprojects {
    // ... other code
    architectury {

Then, remove any developmentXXX dependencies in your fabric / quilt and forge subprojects, and add the following code to the subprojects block in root build.gradle.

if (project.path != ':common') {
    loom {
        mods {
            main { // to match the default mod generated for Forge
                sourceSet project.sourceSets.main
                sourceSet project(':common').sourceSets.main

Then you are done! Remove any references to Architectury Injectables (e.g. ExpectPlatform), and regenerate the run configurations.